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Complete home renovation

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to undertake a complete renovation. Complete renovations have become the preferred option in both the private market and the contract market, as they open up the possibility of fully customizing a home (both indoor and outdoor spaces), facades or commercial premises.

When it comes to taking on a complete renovation, one of the aspects that makes a difference is the choosing materials. This is another reason why we are in a golden age of complete renovations: the wide variety of options available makes it feasible to fully tailor the result to different aesthetic styles, and to technically address the morphology of the spaces, their function and intensity of use, even those exposed to outdoor elements.

As a construction material, Coverlam has become a key part of the market for complete renovations, with architects and interior designers relying on it as a guarantee of quality, innovation and aesthetic beauty.

In addition to its extensive catalogue, the excellent technical performance of the material and the ease of cutting and handling have made it a firm favourite for the design and execution of all kinds of projects.

Among the qualities that set Coverlam apart as the most suitable material for complete renovations is its availability in a thickness of 3.5 mm, which means the slabs can be laid on top of existing wall or floor tiles, thus avoiding the need for demolition work and the resulting debris, and shortening project completion times by up to 38 minutes per m2.

Its large size also considerably reduces the number of pieces to be installed, lightening the workload and therefore keeping down the manual labour costs of any complete renovation.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that people most often decide to remodel. Given its very specific technical requirements, the choice of a good material for floors, walls and countertops is essential.


Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is another room that is commonly remodelled, and that has certain requirements for its tiles, beyond aesthetic qualities.


Coverlam has emerged as a firm favourite for the rehabilitation of facades, thanks to how it performs when exposed to different external conditions such as rain, snow, wind or UV rays, among others.


Complete renovations are becoming increasingly common in the contract channel, especially in order to tailor spaces to reflect current designs and needs, both aesthetic and in terms of resistance and durability.


A wide variety of factors come into play in complete renovations, all of which impact the cost of the work. One of the most important decisions is what materialsto use. When choosing materials, it is always critical to go for those that ensure durability, resistance and low maintenance in the long run. On the other hand, project completion times must also be taken into account: the longer they are, the higher the costs.

Coverlam significantly reduces the costs involved in doing the job: it is so thin that there is no need to take up the floor or break up the wall coverings, and fewer pieces need to be installed thanks to its large size—this translates into faster project completion and therefore savings of time (up to 38 minutes per m2) and money.

Another crucial decision is hiring the best professionals to carry out the complete renovation, as this is sure to affect the final result and the completion times Always remember to hire professionals with proven experience in the world of complete renovations.


What is a complete renovation?

A complete renovation is a job that affects all areas of the house, facade or commercial premises. It entails the total restructuring of each of the constituent spaces, encompassing finishes, carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning, electricity, etc.

How much does a complete renovation cost?

The amount of time and money can vary depending on the quality of the materials chosen and the professionalism of the company that is going to do the renovation work.

We at Coverlam always recommend going for quality and experience, a decision that is sure to smooth the path to a successful, long-lasting complete renovation.


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