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Coverlam is a brand belonging to Grespania

an international company dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of products featuring innovative design and technical properties. Ongoing investment, continuous adoption of the latest advances in design and manufacturing, and the utmost concern for the environment have all helped consolidate its global leadership over the years.

Grespania currently has 3 factories that incorporate the latest technologies and the most advanced processes for the production of any type of large-format technical stone covering, from technical stone to kitchen countertops, tables or cabinets.

In addition to its production centres in Spain, the company has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Holland, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art production centres and solid network of subsidiaries, grespania is able to offer top-quality products to consumers worldwide.


Coverlam has been a pioneer with the installation of a complete Industry 4.0 type factory. This centre has two production lines that work with intelligent machines, through a sophisticated and interconnected process.

Artificial intelligence, analytics and learning technologies are employed to ensure responsible, optimized production that can help combat the effects of climate change (while maintaining high standards of production).

How can we help you?

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