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Kitchens are the real heart of the home, and as such they are undergoing major changes to adapt to the new needs that have arisen in recent years. That's why kitchen renovations are top of the list in home renovation projects, with the quality of the material making all the difference in ensuring the right end result.

kitchen renovations

What is a complete kitchen renovation?

The complete kitchen renovation is one that involves changing all the elements, including floors and walls, as well as countertops and furniture.

For this type of kitchen renovation you need to turn straight to materials such as Coverlam and Coverlam Top, as this is the key to the successful execution of the project and will guarantee the durability, strength and cohesiveness, both aesthetic and technical, of the kitchen.

In addition, these integral reformswill see their execution time greatly reduced thanks to the possibility offered by Coverlam of covering floors and walls on the existing material without demolition.


Once you've decided to renovate your kitchen, the search starts for ideas and materials for the design. These days, there are many options at hand, with the technological innovation of Coverlam and Coverlam Top being a game changer when it comes to taking on a kitchen renovation and ensuring the success of the project.


Including an island in the design is indeed a leading trend in kitchen renovations. This option lends functionality to the space, facilitating activities such as cooking or eating with family and friends. se sitúa a la cabeza en las reformas de cocina. Esta opción aporta mucha funcionalidad al espacio, ya que facilita actividades como el propio cocinado o comer con la familia y amigos.

On the other hand, in terms of aesthetics, kitchens with island represent a genuine game changer; they can be used as an element marking a change between the kitchen and the dining room, or as a central part of the room—even as an extension of the worktop, with the island being used as a kitchen bar or work station.


What was once unimaginable has now become possible with Coverlam. The minimal thickness of the slabs means they can be laid on top of floors and walls without removing the existing slabs and therefore without the need for any demolition work.

As a result, kitchen renovations can be done quickly and easily, doing away with the typical inconveniences involved in this type of work, such as noise, dust and debris.


This is one of the most valued features in today's kitchen renovations. With the wide range of collections available in Coverlam and Coverlam Top, you can slabs floors and walls, aspectos más valorados en las actuales kitchen renovations. La amplia gama de colecciones disponibles en Coverlam y Coverlam Top permite el recubrimiento de suelos y paredes; countertopsthe backsplash, and the kitchen furniture with the same design, providing unparalleled aesthetic continuity.

This continuity is further enhanced by the large size of the material, which helps to visually open up the room. In this respect, large-format Coverlam is the most suitable choice for both smaller kitchen areas—by maximizing the available space—and for larger kitchens, where the chosen design will be enhanced by the grandeur of the large format.


Integrating the sink into the countertop has become a well established design idea in today's kitchen renovations.

As well as being another key element for achieving aesthetic continuity, this integration is only possible with a material such as Coverlam Top, which does not scratch or require special treatment, unlike traditional sinks in stainless steel or resin.


The minimal thickness of Coverlam means it can be laid on top of cabinet doors and drawers; this makes it ideal for harmonizing materials, expanding and optimizing the design possibilities for this room.


You need to choose a good material for the kitchen renovation; if you don't take this into account, the renovation will probably not turn out as hoped. There are countless materials for integrated tiling of all surfaces in a kitchen, but only a few can offer quality, strength, safety and fine design, as well as great aesthetic renovation; sin ello, probablemente, el resultado no sea el esperado. Existen infinidad de materiales de recubrimiento integral de todas las superficies de una cocina, pero solo unos pocos son capaces de ofrecer calidad, resistencia, seguridad y diseño, además de una gran versatilidad estética.

Coverlam and Coverlam Top combine all qualities that are so desirable for kitchen renovations, while also being one of the most versaslabs materials on the market; thanks to their technical features and different thicknesses, they can be used for various types of installation, allowing the tiling of floors, walls, countertops and furniture.unos de los materiales más polivalentes del mercado, ya que, gracias a sus prestaciones técnicas y espesores, presenta diversas formas de colocación que permiten el recubrimiento de suelos, paredes, encimeras y mobiliario.


Coverlam and Coverlam Top are manufactured with natural raw materials that provide mechanical and aesthetic properties superior to those of any other conventional tiling material. This quality is essential in kitchen renovations, where the work surfaces must meet the most exacting performance standards.


The Coverlam collections have very high levels of mechanical performance, resistance and durability despite their minimal thickness, making them perfect for installation on top of kitchen floors and walls without first having to do any demolition work. As for the collections of the specific line for countertops, Coverlam Top, they are characterized by their extreme hardness. They are resistant to scratches and fire, and they have a water-resistant surface meaning they are resistant to stains and household cleaning products, thus ensuring a highly hygienic antibacterial kitchen countertop. This is a crucial aspect when choosing the right material for countertops in the kitchen renovation. The hygienic element is also enhanced by the large size of the Coverlam Top slabs, which minimizes the presence of joints and therefore the possibility of the appearance of mould and bacteria in the joints.


This is one of the most important factors when planning kitchen renovations. Besides the unbeatable technical properties provided by the Coverlam and Coverlam Top collections, they offer a wide range of styles and designs—monochromes, stone, marble, cement, wood and metal. The comprehensive catalogue can suit all tastes, elevating the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Last but not least, the job of renovating the kitchen should be entrusted to the best professionals. This will undoubtedly ensure the correct installation of the chosen material and an excellent, long-lasting end result.

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One of the first questions that comes up when renovating a kitchen is how much it will cost. When making the decision to renovate the kitchen, it is very important to account for certain elements that will influence the time needed to complete the renovation and its final price.

In this regard, the factors that will have a direct impact are the quality of the material , the type of installation, and the professionalism of the company hired to do the kitchen renovation.


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