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Wall coverings

Wall coverings features

As well as being a very important architectural and construction element, tiling a wall es una capa que habitualmente se coloca con fines decorativos o de protección. Hay muchos tipos de revestimientos de paredes en el mercado, pero uno de los grandes favoritos es, sin duda, el revestimiento de piedra sinterizada de gran formato.

Whether for tiling indoor or outdoor walls, these large-format wall coverings are the most comprehensive construction option.

As well as being a very resistant and durable material, very little maintenance is required, which is a highly valued quality when choosing a tile for the kitchen, for the bathroom, and even for outdoor areas, where the technical requirements are far more demanding.

If this material is used as cladding for ventilated facades, it offers the important added bonus of improving thermal and acoustic insulation since it is an ultra-compact material that, thanks to its non-porous nature, does not deform or expand when subjected to outdoor conditions.

In addition to these crucial qualities for an outdoor tile, a material like Coverlam is also unaffected by solar radiation, does not change colour over time, and requires practically no maintenance.

Furthermore, the wide-ranging catalogue of Coverlam products on offer means the decoration of each space can be customized to suit the personal tastes and specific needs of each one.

In turn, the fact that the slabs are only 3.5 mm thick enables clean installations, as they can be laid on top of existing wall coverings without the need for any demolition work, avoiding noise and debris; on the other hand, the large format of up to 1200 × 3600 mm means fewer pieces are used. All these aspects help save time in a renovation, by up to 38 minutes per square metre.


The most common uses of technical stone tiles are in the bathroom, the kitchen and exterior spaces. This is largely due to exacting technical demands in these areas, depending on their varying exposure to humidity, water, food, chemical products or to the outdoors and inclement weather.

That is why the most suitable wall coverings is technical stone—a material whose strength and durability mean its appearance remains unchanged over time with hardly any maintenance, and whose low porosity yields a surface that is resistant to water and stains, also making it a more hygienic option.


Technical stone is undoubtedly a firm favourite for kitchen tiles, not only because of its low maintenance and stain resistance described above, but because of all the other advantages offered by Coverlam's large-format technical stone tiles for kitchens.

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Just as with kitchens, tiles are the ideal material for bathrooms, especially due to their low porosity and antibacterial surface.

Furthermore, the use of large-format technical stone tiles for bathrooms reduces the number of joints between pieces, thus limiting the build-up of bacteria and mould, as well as visually opening up the space and creating aesthetically cleaner lines.large technical stone tiles for bathroom reduces the number of joints between pieces, thus limiting the build-up of bacteria and mould, as well as visually opening up the space and creating aesthetically cleaner lines.

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For tiling outdoor spaces—including terraces and the lining of swimming pools—a material like Coverlam should be used, as it is ultra-resistant, extremely durable and remains unchanged over time despite having to withstand extreme weather conditions. Since it does not deform or expand and does not change colour in the sun, it is also the ideal choice for facade cladding, an increasingly popular application.

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How do you tile a wall?

The shape and surface to be tiled will dictate the guidelines to follow when tiling a wall—that's why it's necessary to consult in advance and follow the guidelines established by the manufacturer.

We here at Coverlam recommend that you always put yourself in the best handsProfessionalswhen embarking on any construction or renovation project.


Get inspired by our collections of technical stone tiles used in spectacular real-world projects. From private homes to hotels, restaurants, skyscrapers, business centres, and more.



Explore our collections of technical stone tiles, perfect for projects that seek to combine the natural beauty of stone with the durability and low maintenance of technologically advanced materials. Ideal for spaces seeking sophistication and resistance.


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