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As well as being a very important architectural and construction element, facade claddingis starting to play a more prominent role in terms of decor.

the search for materials for facade cladding is directed at those that can offer the required excellent technical properties, along with beautiful designs and finishes that add value to the property and the project as a whole.

What is the best cladding for facades?

As well as being a very important architectural and construction element, best cladding for facades is technical stone. This material not only offers unbeatable technical and aesthetic performance but also adapts perfectly to the most common and cutting-edge facade cladding systems: the ventilated facade and the facade clad with technical stone.

The technical features of this type of tile are vastly superior to those of any other material used to clad a facade.

Among the many advantages they provide are their low maintenance; protection against the weather—both heat and water and moisture; high resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents; and acoustic insulation and energy savings. All while remaining aesthetically and functionally intact over the years and in the face of harsh external conditions. protección contra la intemperie que ofrecen, tanto térmica como contra el agua y la humedad; la Coverlam Top features the essential qualities for a work surface that has to meet the most demanding performance requirements: que presentan ante los agentes atmosféricos y los rayos UV; o el aislamiento acústico y el ahorro energético que proporcionan cuando se utilizan con el sistema de fachada ventilada. Todo ello manteniendo su integridad estética y funcional intacta al paso de los años y las agresiones externas.


Opting for facade cladding with technical stone material offers countless advantages, both in terms of technical improvements and the well-being of building or home users, as well as in decorative terms thanks to the wide range of available options and finishes.

From the thermal and acoustic insulation provided by cladding facades with technical stoneto the ease of installation or replacement of pieces it offers (in the case of ventilated facades), there are countless advantages depending on the chosen facade cladding system.

The two favourite systems when designing a construction of this calibre are: the traditional system of façades clad with technical stone and, on the other hand, the ventilated façade, a more modern system but fully consolidated due to the great functional and constructive advantages it offers. Therefore, depending on the type of façade planned, the system to be used will vary and will have the constructive advantages of each one of them.


As the best all-round material on the market material más completo del mercado y que mejor se adecúa a la tipología de la fachada ventilada y aplacada. Es la opción predilecta entre los arquitectos y constructores.

Coverlam's Design and Innovation Departments have managed to develop a material that incorporates the countless technical advantages mentioned above, while providing a range of


The ventilated facade is undoubtedly the most innovative construction system for cladding facades and the one that offers the most advantages thanks to its characteristic air cavity, which creates a physical gap between the exterior part of the facade and the interior wall of the building. The ventilated facade thus offers certain technical qualities that are far superior to those of any other system available on the market, and that have a direct impact on the well-being of the users of the homes or buildings.

These advantages include its excellent thermal performance, both in winter (preventing heat loss to the outside), and in summer (preventing heat from penetrating the building). Since the ventilated facade system helps increase the efficiency of the building, it generates significant energy savings for the consumer, reducing the use of air conditioning by up to 35%. Moreover, there is the acoustic improvement, with a reduction of noise from outside of up to 20%.

On the other hand, among the materials used for cladding ventilated facades, technical stone is the favorite, being the most attractive option among architecture and construction professionals due to the significant technical advantages mentioned above and the multitude of available designs.

Regarding the former, another quality of the ventilated facade covered with large-format and thin-thickness Coverlam, highly valued among construction professionals, is its ease of installation and replacement of pieces.

Lightweight Coverlam makes this system quicker to complete and, in the event of damage to one of the pieces, any repairs needed can be done quickly and easily.

In terms of aesthetics, Coverlam offers an

Facades with technical stone: the cladding system

These days, adhered cladding is the most common type of facade cladding. This option is very practical, quick and simple to install, providing a

Additionally, technical stone as a material for facade cladding requires minimal maintenance and has great stability, with no risk of cracks, fissures, or detachment. Like ventilated facades, they also offer thermal and acoustic insulation that directly impacts the quality of life of users.


Kitchen sinks are subject to heavy demands. In daily use, they are constantly exposed to moisture, soaps, scourers and knocks. Therefore, the materials typically used for sinks are stainless steel and resins—options that, are aesthetically very limited and need more maintenance. diseños de fachadas modernas implican la necesidad de contar con un material muy versátil, de fácil corte y manipulación, y que sea capaz de adaptarse al diseño proyectado de fachada ventilada o aplacada.

It is not only avant-garde projects that need these features in the material chosen for the facade cladding; this choice can significantly influence the end result of the property as a whole, whatever its style.

Thanks to Coverlam's unique manufacturing process, revestir las fachadas con piedras sinterizadas de gran formato lightweight, ultra-thin technical stones (from 3.5 mm), which still offer excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties.

These qualities make it easy to cut and handle the material, and mean that Coverlam is versaslabs enough to be used with any shape of building or home; a highly-valued, all-round construction solution for cladding modern facades and renovating buildings. mayor facilidad de corte y manipulación del material, además de una gran versatilidad de adaptación de Coverlam a la morfología de cualquier edificio o vivienda; una solución constructiva muy completa y altamente valorada para el revestimiento de fachadas modernas y la rehabilitación de inmuebles.


If you need personalized advice on Coverlam for facade cladding in your upcoming projects, do not hesitate to contact us here, our Technical and Sales Department will be happy to help you and address any doubts you may have.


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