The countertop has become one of the main decorative elements in current interior design projects. Thanks to the constant innovation in technical stone, new materials like Coverlam Top are emerging, a large-format product designed for creating any countertop, including custom countertops.

There are no limits when it comes to creating spaces that include a Coverlam Top countertop. The incredible versatility of the material, its extreme durability, as well as the heat and scratch resistance it provides, make all the difference in projects that go for this option for the countertops. The choice of this material for the countertop allows the focus to be on the aesthetics and design.

A white countertop, a wood-look countertop or a marble-look countertop: these are just some of the available options that you will find in the extensive Coverlam Top catalogue. Are you ready to design your new countertop?


White countertop

One of the great classics of kitchens and bathrooms is to go for a white countertop. Far from being a boring option, the new designs and finishes help you achieve that sought-after touch of modernity when you choose this colour for the countertop.

Moreover, the versatility of white makes it a safe bet. It is ideal for combining with other materials such as wood or cement, the aesthetics of which fit perfectly with a marble-look countertop, another of the attractive decorative possibilities offered by this colour.


Black countertop

In counterpoint to the white countertop is the endlessly elegant black countertop. This colour lends an unquestionable touch of luxury and distinction. Whether in the solid colour option or the marble-look countertop design, black is synonymous with pure sophistication.

As in the case of white, the different surface finishes give this shade great versatility: while its polished finish is ideal for a more classic-looking, distinguished setting, its natural finish will provide a more modern, natural and minimalist aesthetic.

Grey countertop

Neutral colours for kitchen worktops are becoming increasingly popular, and grey is one of them. A grey worktop is timeless and versatile; it can be classic or modern, minimalist or Nordic, luxurious or simple, a tailor's drawer that fits into any space.

Standing out among the different designs available in this colour range are the cement-look countertop, the marble-look countertop, and even the wood-look countertop, covering a range from urban and industrial aesthetics to those centred on naturalness.



Coverlam Top are innovative countertops made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties and a visual appeal superior to those of conventional ones.



Wood-look countertop

Of all the different countertop finishes, the wood-look countertop stands out. These days, it is the best way to enjoy the aesthetics of the natural version but with all the technical properties of Coverlam Top, a low-maintenance material that can perfectly withstand the typical intensive use of kitchens and bathrooms, and even that of an outdoor countertop.

Moreover, the Design Department has made incredible strides forward, enabling the launch of ultra-realistic collections inspired by the naturalness of wood, and even creating new versions aligned with current trends.

On the other hand, the advantages of a wood-look countertop compared to the natural version relate to both its technical and aesthetic qualities. This countertop is resistant to fire, abrasion and scratching, the colour does not fade or change with the passage of time or cleaning, and it is environmentally friendly since no trees are felled for its manufacture. In addition, its hygienic, impermeable surface allows you to work directly on it.


Marble-look countertop

One of the most common choices in new kitchen and bathroom projects is the marble-look countertop. Classic-looking and strikingly traditional, this design has been completely reinvented and has become a firm favourite in the world of interior design.

Like the wood-look countertop, the marble look countertop offers a wide range of designs and is technically far superior to natural marble; it has a non-porous surface that does not stain, and is also resistant to acids and household cleaning products. As such, it is easy and inexpensive to care for, with the countertop staying just like new from day one.

Cement-look countertop

A cement-look countertop is the most common type of countertop used in industrial and contemporary style designs. In this case, opting for the cement-look ensures unparalleled technical performance compared to cement itself.

In addition to being a difficult material to work with for countertops, over time cement ends up deteriorating and showing cracks that trap dirt and bacteria, a critical issue in kitchen and bathroom environments. Therefore, the cement-look countertop has made a place for itself among the firm favourites, since it allows you to incorporate this avant-garde aesthetic into your home with all the guarantees of durability and hygiene.



A total of 23 collections inspired by a wide selection of natural materials, spread over 6 ranges of finishes, such as stone, cement, wood, metal, monochrome and marble, which stand out for their realism and richness of details.


Thanks to its astounding technical qualities and innovative aesthetics, the kitchen countertops and other applications of Coverlam Top can meet the demands of the most exacting architecture and interior design projects.


Countertop price

Depending on different factors, the cost when it comes to buying a countertop may vary. We should take into account if it is a custom countertop, if it is an outdoor countertop, the m2 that are needed, the transport, the installation, etc.

Regardless of the cost, the most important thing is to entrust the installation of the countertop to the best professionals, as this is what will guarantee the optimal end result.

If you any need more information to choose your new kitchen countertop, don't hesitate to contact our Sales Department by clicking here