Bathroom Countertops

Bathrooms are becoming ever more important and a central feature of home renovations, with professionals applying the latest trends in cutting edge interior design to these rooms.

Bathroom countertops are no longer merely functional pieces; they are now a key aesthetic element of bathrooms. For this reason, materials that combine both function and aesthetics, such as Coverlam Top, are coming to the fore as the best option for countertops.

Bathroom countertop features

Bathrooms are very exacting spaces in terms of hygiene and health, so when it comes to making the countertop for the washbasin, it's essential to use a material that is not only ultra-resistant and durable, but is also antibacterial, stain resistant and has very low porosity, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and mould. These features will ensure bathroom countertops are hygienic and easy to clean.

In addition to its strong technical performance in terms of resistance and hygiene, Coverlam Top offers a wide-ranging catalogue of collections to suit all styles and tastes. From monochrome countertops in gloss or matte finishes, to marble or cement-look finishes, or even a wood-look washbasin countertop—anything is possible with Coverlam Top.

This material brings unique, exclusive and aesthetically beautiful room designs to life without neglecting crucial technical aspects of bathroom countertops, such as hygiene, resistance and durability, meaning a wide range of decorative options are now within your reach.

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertop colours

Grey bathroom countertop

Grey is unquestionably making its mark in the world of interior design, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Designs incorporating a grey washbasin countertop are becoming increasingly common, particularly in those going for a more avant-garde, industrial style.

This is one of the colour ranges for bathroom countertops that offers the most design alternatives and different finishes. Within this range you can find various options such as modern, cement-effect bathroom countertops, those inspired by natural materials such as marble and wood, and supremely innovative metallic finishes.

Bathroom Countertops
Bathroom Countertops

White bathroom countertop

Without a doubt, this is one of the clear favourites for bathroom countertops. These days, white tones win out over all others in the bathroom; the feeling of hygiene and cleanliness conveyed by white tones is one of the characteristics that makes them a top choice when renovating a bathroom and choosing the basin countertop.

Within this colour range we find a wide variety of options going beyond pure white, and with a variety of finishes on offer, such as elegant marble, which adds a touch of finesse and sophistication to bathroom countertops.

Types of bathroom countertops

Wall-hung bathroom countertops

Wall-hung bathroom countertops are clearly a firm favourite among bathroom countertops. This type of bathroom countertop is often chosen for new projects and renovations due to its modern, contemporary look, but above all because it makes it very easy to clean the floor in a room like the bathroom, where hygiene is fundamental.

These advantages add to the visual benefits offered by this type of installation for bathroom countertops; the fact there is no piece of furniture on the floor adds to the sense of spaciousness in the room.

Bathroom Countertops
Bathroom Countertops

Modern bathroom countertops

There is an incredibly broad and varied set of aesthetic options when it comes to modern bathroom countertops. These days you can enjoy all decorative styles in wonderfully on-trend, fresh designs for washbasin countertops.

Coverlam Top is the brand of reference for modern bathroom countertops thanks to the constant search for new finishes and designs; as such, choosing any one of the Coverlam Top collections—monochrome, marble, cement, metal, stone or wood—is guaranteed to create an avant-garde bathroom while fully covering the technical features of durability, resistance and hygiene.

Custom bathroom countertops

One of the great advantages of opting to use Coverlam Top for the washbasin countertop is how well it lends itself to customization and, therefore, the great versatility it offers as a material for designing custom bathroom countertops.

The fact that this material is easy to handle and cut makes it possible to create unique bathroom countertop designs, where the only limits are those set by the project itself. In this respect, Coverlam Top’s ease of handling and cutting allows you to opt for a design in which the basin is integrated into the same material, creating a more stylish bathroom countertop.

Bathroom Countertops

Buying a bathroom countertop

If you have made the decision to buy a new washbasin countertop and you want to purchase one of our bathroom countertops, contact our Sales Department here