Kitchen Countertops

Over time, the kitchen has become a point of vital importance in the home. Increasingly spacious rooms, sometimes connected with areas of the home where people gather together. Accordingly, kitchen countertops have become a fundamental element of this room, with Coverlam Top being one of the most popular countertop materials with architects and interior designers.

Kitchen countertop features

Ultra-resistant and extremely durable, Coverlam Top kitchen countertops also have an impermeable, antibacterial surface; thanks to its low porosity, this material is resistant to stains, providing a hygienic countertop free from bacteria and mould.

This stain resistance also results in a surface that is cleaner and easier to maintain, essential qualities that are increasingly in-demand for kitchen countertops. Also key is Coverlam Top's resistance to acids and household cleaning products, which ensures the surface of the kitchen countertops remains unchanged, unlike other materials used for countertops such as marble or wood.

Made with natural raw materials, Coverlam Top kitchen countertops are also highly scratch, heat and impact resistant, making it the ideal choice for hard-working kitchens. Thanks to its high-level technical performance, choosing Coverlam Top kitchen countertops guarantees long-term durability, allowing the architect, interior designer or end client to focus on its aesthetics.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertop colours

The incredible progress made in the design departments in recent years has a yielded a wide variety of kitchen countertops. Coverlam Top has its own design team behind each and every one of the series that make up the catalogue, offering exclusive collections consistently aligned with current trends and the needs of each market.

In terms of pure aesthetics, the neutral colour palette has secured its place as a firm favourite for kitchen countertops. In these types of room designs, kitchen countertop colours like white, black or grey stand out above the rest.

In these colour ranges, we not only find innovative new products with smooth finishes, but also striking kitchen countertops with different effects, such as marble, cement, wood or metal.

White kitchen countertop

The versatility offered by white kitchen countertops is one of the major advantages of this colour range. Perfect for combining with other materials such as wood or cement, white kitchen countertops not only ensure hygienic surfaces at a technical level, they also convey a sense of greater cleanliness and tidiness and help to visually open up a room.

Notable among the white kitchen countertops is the marble look; elegant and sophisticated, this style is firmly established due to its timeless character and great graphic richness.

Available in natural and polished finishes, the monochrome option is another of the decorative possibilities available in this colour palette; far from being a boring choice, there is a wide variety of whites on offer.

Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Countertops

Black kitchen countertop

At the other end of the colour scale there are the black shades for kitchen countertops. Synonymous with the purest sophistication, black kitchen countertops are becoming increasingly common in homes, especially options with a marble-look finish, offering an elegance suited to more modern-style trends.

When it comes to designing kitchens, black marble-look countertops are the ideal choice for creating amazing projects with kitchen islands, even outdoors; in this case, materials such as Coverlam Top will make all the difference, guaranteeing durability and resistance in the most technically demanding spaces.

In addition, the option of going for either a polished or natural finish opens up the possibilities for black kitchen countertops, perfectly suiting all kinds of decorative styles.

Grey kitchen countertop

Grey is the colour that rounds off the neutral colour palette for kitchen countertops. One of the colours most often used for kitchen countertops in recent decades, it is making a strong comeback, offering alternative, more modern options adapted to current tastes and trends.

Cement-look countertops are the most popular in the grey colour range. The preferred choice for rooms with a more industrial, avant-garde feel, the timeless nature of these kitchen countertops makes them the best way to lend a touch of personality to the most minimalist spaces.

But grey has no limits, it has become a key colour for other kitchen countertop options, such as the stone look, marble look and even wood look, with the latter being one of the most modern, natural options in the range of greys.

Kitchen Countertops

Custom kitchen countertop

Choosing Coverlam Top as the material for kitchen countertops is a guarantee not only of resistance, durability and aesthetically beautiful finishes, but also of a customized look.

Whatever the needs of the project to be carried out, Coverlam Top can adapt to meet them, allowing the creation of unique custom kitchen countertop designs.

Kitchen countertop prices

Depending on different elements, the price of kitchen countertops may vary. Relevant variables include factors such as the size of the kitchen, the chosen design or the level of customization required. However, one of the most important factors when executing the project is to take into account the subsequent installation of the kitchen countertops: it is essential that this is done by qualified professionals.

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