Large-format tiles

Large-format tiles burst onto the scene a few years ago as an innovative new architectural element. Thanks to their great versatility as a construction material they have been making inroads into interior design and architecture projects, establishing their position as the preferred format among professionals.

What are large-format tiles?

Large-format tiles encompass many sizes. For a tile to be considered large format, it must be at least 1000mm long. Thanks to technological advances, Coverlam currently offers large-format tiles manufactured in pieces of up to 1200 × 3600 mm.

Large-format tiles

Characteristics of large-format ceramic tiles

Coverlam emerged in response to the growing market need for large-format tiles that still retain the properties of high strength and durability. The design of these large tiles in thicknesses of 3.5 mm and 5.6 mm represented a genuine revolution in the world of architecture and interior design, where Coverlam large-format tiles have proved enormously useful in the creation and execution of striking projects.

Besides the dimensions of these large tiles, they must also offer excellent technical performance. Large-format Coverlam tiles offer certain attributes that are highly valued in today's architecture:

  • Lightweight, environmentally-friendly material.
  • Can be installed without the need for demolition work.
  • Frost and UV resistant.
  • Chip resistant.
  • Bend and wear resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Hygienic, scratch-resistant surface.
  • Impermeable, stain-resistant surface.
  • Fire and heat resistant.

In its evolution as a 360º material, Coverlam has continued to develop its large tile product offerings, incorporating exclusive new thicknesses for countertops into its catalogue, such as 10.5 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm. In this respect, the increase in thickness of the pieces exponentially boosts their strength, which makes them a very attractive option for kitchen countertops and surfaces where extra strength is needed.

As for the installation of Coverlam ultra-thin large-format ceramic tiles, it is very simple. The fact that this material is easy to cut, handle and install reduces the completion time of renovations and construction projects, resulting in significant monetary savings. Installed by professionals with the right tools, choosing Coverlam guarantees excellent quality and design.


Coverlam Top are innovative countertops made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties and a visual appeal superior to those of conventional ones.

Large-format tiles

Large tiles for any setting

The wide variety of designs available in the Coverlam catalogue makes any project possible, whatever the desired design and decorative style. Wood, stone, cement, metal, monochrome... going beyond aesthetics, large-format tiles by Coverlam are also technically unbeatable, proving to be the ideal construction material for tiling spaces with particular design requirements and exacting architectural standards.

Conceived as a total architectural solution, Coverlam can be used to tile both highly exposed outdoor areas, such as the facades of homes, public spaces, or the lining of swimming pools; and indoor areas, for tiling the floors and walls of all the rooms of the house, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Large tiles for the kitchen

Large-format tiles from Coverlam are the best option for tiling the floors and walls of kitchens. Thanks to its large size and minimal thickness, choosing Coverlam as a construction material for kitchen renovations means such projects can be done quickly and easily, without any demolition work and without generating any debris, since it can be easily installed on top of the existing material.

In addition, the incomparable technical features it offers - presented in a wide variety of designs and styles - secure its position as the best large-format kitchen tile on the market.

As for countertops, unlike with other materials commonly used in kitchens, such as granite, marble, wood or synthetic countertops, opting for large kitchen tiles from the Coverlam Top line guarantees durability and strength, with tiles that can fully withstand the intensive use typical in kitchens, staying just like new.

Scratch-, heat- and chip-resistance set Coverlam Top apart as a material for countertops and kitchen furniture. Particularly noteworthy is its antibacterial and easy-to-clean surface, sought-after features that make it the safest and most hygienic option.

Large-format tiles

Large tiles for bathrooms

Another room in the home where Coverlam proves to be the ideal construction material is the bathroom. Like kitchens, bathrooms need a material that can cover technical requirements relating to hygiene and cleanliness.

The minimal porosity of these large-format tiles is crucial in providing a ceramic surface that maximizes the hygiene of the room, preventing the absorption of liquids and the appearance of stains.

A fundamental aspect to bear in mind when choosing floor and wall tiles for the bathroom is the possible growth of mould or bacteria in rooms subject to almost constant humidity.

Large bathroom tiles provide great added value due to their size, which minimizes the number of joints and thus prevents the growth of microorganisms in these gaps.

Furthermore, the innovative ceramic technology H&CTiles can be applied to the surface of Coverlam tiles, which endows the material with bactericidal properties, enhancing this crucial aspect in spaces as susceptible and exposed to bacteria as bathrooms.

Large-format tiles
Large-format tiles


A total of 23 collections inspired by a wide selection of natural materials, spread over 6 ranges of finishes, such as stone, cement, wood, metal, monochrome and marble, which stand out for their realism and richness of details.


Thanks to its astounding technical qualities and innovative aesthetics, the kitchen countertops and other applications of Coverlam Top can meet the demands of the most exacting architecture and interior design projects.

Large-format tiles

Why choose large-format tiles?

Large-format tiles have revolutionized the planning and design of spaces. The supremely adaptable nature of this format provides certain technical and aesthetic benefits for construction, which have helped it become the preferred choice for all types of projects.

Some of the aspects that tip the balance in favour of large-format tiles are their capacity to visually open up spaces and create a sense of continuity thanks to their large dimensions; versatility in terms of possible uses (floors, walls, countertops, furniture, etc.); shorter installation time; or a more hygienic surface due to having fewer joints.

On the other hand, large-format ceramic offers certain technical and aesthetic properties that surpass those of standard tiles. Thanks to the manufacturing process and the raw materials that go into each piece of Coverlam and Coverlam Top, they can offer features that are unmatched in large-format tiles. Qualities such as resistance to chipping, wear, bending, frost and UV rays are essential in spaces with high foot traffic or in outdoor areas.

For indoor areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, the large-format tiles by Coverlam and Coverlam Top also offer certain highly valued features such as a hygienic, impermeable surface that is chemical and stain resistant (thanks to the minimal porosity of the material); and exceptional fire, heat and scratch resistance - qualities that are essential in kitchen countertops.

While these features have established Coverlam as the go-to material in large-format ceramics, it is also a pioneering brand in terms of environmental protection, as these large tiles are entirely environmentally friendly and the ideal choice as a sustainable material.

If you want to find out everything that large-format Coverlam and Coverlam Top tiles have to offer, do not hesitate to contact us to receive personalized advice.