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SICI from 28th January to 1st February, with an 89m2 stand, showcasing the new COVERLAM TOP kitchen countertop surfaces.

ESPACIO COCINA – SICI is an influential kitchen trade show featuring major national and international companies and brands of kitchen furniture, accessories and equipment.

COVERLAM TOP is a kitchen countertop material with highly resistant finishes, available in 1620x3240 mm and 1000x3000 mm formats, and thicknesses of 12 mm and 10.5 mm.

During the fair, attendees will have the opportunity to discover the eight collections inspired by a selection of natural materials and available in six ranges of finishes—stone, cement, wood, metallic, monochrome and marble—all of which are exceptional for their realism and richness of detail

Our team will be happy to welcome you in N3 P6 Stand C99.

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Благодаря повышенной твердости Coverlam Top идеально подходит для ежедневно используемых столешниц, которые сохраняют свой первоначальный эстетический облик в течение более долгого времени.

Кроме того, Coverlam Top способен удовлетворять самые высокие потребности владельцев жилья, касающиеся устойчивости к воздействию тепла, химических веществ и протечек. Благодаря почти полному отсутствию пор поверхность этого материала является очень гигиеничной и пригодна для контакта с пищевыми продуктами.

In this way, Grespania underlines its firm commitment to continuous innovation and meeting the needs of the exacting Architecture and Interior Design sector. It also remains committed to sustainable growth, launching unique products that draw on the latest advances in manufacturing and design, without ever losing sight of its utmost respect for the environment.